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Completing Education With a Purpose

Gallup and USA Funds are currently conducting a three-year poll to measure consumers' perspectives on their education. This research will enable more people to complete their higher education with purpose -- to achieve a great career and fulfilling life.

Every day, Gallup and USA Funds will interview approximately 350 adults living in the U.S. about their educational experiences. This unprecedented study will help Gallup and USA Funds build a body of knowledge that, for the first time, puts consumer perspectives on higher education front and center.

"Public school superintendents and university presidents need to think beyond core curricula and their graduation rates. Students don't want to merely graduate; they want an education that results in a good job."
-Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO

Our Mission

The mission of the Gallup-USA Funds Daily Education Index is to provide a voice to higher education consumers by systematically measuring their opinions, experiences and expectations. This survey will produce usable insights that catalyze transformation in higher education so that more consumers achieve completion with a purpose.

The Daily Education Index survey results will reveal if:

  • consumers would recommend their educational path to others
  • graduates think their education was worth the cost
  • graduates feel their college coursework is relevant to their jobs

Key insights for:

  • higher education, policy and thought leaders to gain informed perspectives from past and current students and nonparticipating adults
  • higher education, policy and thought leaders aiming to make informed recommendations and changes to enhance educational outcomes
  • parents and students of all types to make informed decisions about their educational pursuits

"We are partnering with the most recognized and trusted name in research to give voice to the consumer perspective on higher education on a scale that has never been done before."
-Bill Hansen, usa funds president and ceo

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